Wallpaper Steam Stripper

Wallpaper Steam Stripper


An electric wallpaper steam stripper.

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An electric wallpaper steam stripper. Ideal for the removal of vinyl, foil, flock, woodchip and multi-layered papers, including painted-over wallpaper, with ease. This unit is even effective on non-paper based wall coverings such as hessian fixed with UPVA glues. Designed to produce steam at just the right pressure and temperature for fast effective stripping with the minimum of condensation. This design feature reduces the risk of over-wetting wallboard or the plaster surface of the wall being stripped, and keeps the working environment comfortable.


 Motor:  2500w - 240v
 Hose Length:   4m
 Steam Plate Dimensions:    427mm x 207mm
 Steam Plate Weight:   800g
 Water Tank Capacity:  7 Litres
 Weight:  7kg



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