Acro Prop

Acro Prop


A simple, strong and innovative constructive prop.

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A simple, strong and innovative constructive prop that is used on most building sites across australia. It is easily erected by one person, and has a variable height adjustment. Acro props are used for many everyday bulding tasks such as supporting formwork for reinforced concrete and as a means of temporarily supporting work under repair ie lintels, ceilings, walls and overhead structures.


 Prop 0 Height:  1100mm - 1830mm
 Prop 0 Weight:  13kg
 Prop 0 Load Closed:   4000kgs
 Prop 0 Load Open:  2500kgs
 Prop 1 Height:   1600mm - 2800mm
 Prop 1 Weight:  16kg
 Prop 1 Load Closed:  3400kg
 Prop 1 Load Open:  1400kg
 Prop 2 Height:   1900mm - 3400mm
 Prop 2 Weight:    19kg
 Prop 2 Load Closed:  4000kg
 Prop 2 Load Open:  1100kg

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